Hamburg Jazz 1

April 21, 2020 #1966

During a visit to Hamburg, Germany, I was the guest of Gerhard Klussmeier, manager of that city's foremost jazz radio station. He introduced me to the very active jazz scene in this city. I was so impressed that I brought home a set of CDs containing music that, over the years, was produced and/or performed in Hamburg. I've chosen to single out some of the many American tunes played by these talented musicians.


A kiss goodnight
Evelyn Kunneke
Joe Wick
C-jam blues
Fred Kinglee
Kurt Edelhagen
Mitternacht am Kongo
Benny de Weille
Night and Day/Begin the beguine
Freddie Brocksieper
St. Pauli blues
Franz Thon
Tip top boogie
Gunter Fuhlisch
Skandinavian express
Hazy Osterwald
Woodchopper’s ball
Horst Wende
Bourbon Street parade
Magnolia Jazz Band
It don’t mean a thing
Magnolia Jazz Band
I’ve found a new baby
Magnolia Jazz Band
Weary blues
Magnolia Jazz Band