Doris Day in the Movies 3

May 19, 2020 #1970

By the time 1951 rolled around, Doris Day was a full-fledged Hollywood star. The studio worked her hard, starring her in five movies in 1951 through 1953. Four of them were musicals. The fifth, "The Winning Team," gave Doris the opportunity to show her newly developed drama talent as she played the wife of baseball pitcher Grover Cleveland Alexander, played by Ronald Reagan. The other four movies were "Starlift," "April in Paris,""By the light of the silvery moon" and "Calamity Jane."


You’re gonna lose your gal
Day/Gordon MacRae
‘S wonderful
You ought to be in pictures
You do something to me
Ol’ Saint Nicholas
April in Paris
It must be good
I’m gonna ring the bell tonight
I know a place
That’s what makes Paris Paree
Day/Claude Dauphin
Your eyes have told me so
Day/Gordon MacRae
Be my little baby bumble bee
Day/Gordon MacRae/Russell Arms
Ain’t we got fun?
Day/Gordon MacRae
The Deadwood stage/Introducing Henry Miller
I can do without you
Day/Howard Keel
I just blew in from the Windy City
A woman’s touch
Day/Allyn Ann McLarie
‘Tis Harry I’m plannin’ to marry
The Black Hills of Dakota
Day/Howard Keel
Secret love