Close Encounters 12

June 16, 2020 #1974

A review of musical personalities encountered back in 1994-95. Included is bandleader Johnny Catron, shown here being greeted by David Miller as Johnny and his companion arrive from California in his Rolls-Royce. Below: Margaret Whiting and David at lunch in Winston-Salem, NC.

Photo of bandleader Johnny Catron.

Margaret Whiting


Doc Severinsen
Billy May
Baby, won’t you please come home?
Johnny Catron
Dogtown blues
Jim Cullum
Cuddle up a little closer
Les Elgart
Count Basie
Margaret Whiting
The whistler and his doghouse
Bob Haggart
Milenburg joys
Orphan News Boys
Ed Polcer
I’ll sing you softly
Mike Mainieri
In a sentimental mood
Steps Ahead
A nightingale sang in Berkeley Square
Buddy Capers