Oddities 1

July 28, 2020 #1980

Unusual recordings either because a band strays from the type of music that is usually associated with it or because it's deliberately comical. Charlie Barnet makes fun of so-called sweet bands. The Duke has fun with Prokofieff's "Peter and the Wolf." Glenn Miller makes you wait three minutes before the introduction to a waltz finally ends.


Bugle call rag
Mills Brothers
That’s not cricket
Tommy Dorsey
The wrong idea
Charlie Barnet
Am I dreaming? (Edythe Wright)
Tommy Dorsey
Am I dreaming? (Bud Freeman)
Tommy Dorsey
My dear
Jan Garber
Bourbon Street parade
Jan Garber
Spike Jones
In the mood cha cha
Billy May
Stardust bossa nova
Ella Fitzgerald
Moon over Miami
Dean Hudson
Moon over Miami (other band impressions)
Dean Hudson
Pretty and the wolf
Duke Ellington
Restringing the pearls
Jerry Gray
I’m looking for a guy who plays alto and baritone, doubles on clarinet and wears a size 37 suit
Ozzie Nelson
Introduction to a waltz
Glenn Miller
Fry me, cookie with a can of lard
Will Bradley
Celery stalks at midnight
Les Brown