I Love a Parade

August 18, 2020 #1983

It's amazing how many songs had "parade" or "march" in the title. They included Dixieland melodies as well as tunes suitable for military processions.


I love a parade
Maxine Sullivan
Blues on parade
Woody Herman
Colonel Bogey march
Wilbur deParis
Easter parade
Harry James
Harlem parade
Gene Krupa
March of the Boyds
Boyd Raeburn
March to Polaris
Stan Kenton
MacNamara’s band
Bing Crosby
New Ashmolean marching society and students conservatory band – Johnny Mercer
OC: Camelot
Parade of the wooden soldiers
Larry Clinton
Sousa swings
Al Raymond
Strike up the band
The big parade
Jane Olivor
The march of the Commanders
Turbans on parade
Tommy Dorsey
Washington Post march
Kings of Dixieland