Oddities 2

October 13, 2020 #1991

This is an idea suggested by Bert Topper, a listener in Florida. He notes that there are many recordings that differ in that there's sometihing odd about them. Maybe they're comical, maybe the just have peculiar titles.


Building a band
Horace Heidt
Stone cold dead in the market
Arthur Murray taught me dancing in a hurry
Jimmy Dorsey
I’m my own grandpa
Guy Lombardo
Picnic in Purgatory
Alvino Rey
Louis Prima
Cement mixer
A string of pearls
Ernie Fields
Annie’s Cousin Fanny
Dorsey Brothers
Artie Shaw medley
Houston Symphony
Too fat polka
Arthur Godfrey
Pancho Maximilian Hernandez
Ray McKinley
May the bird of paradise fly up your nose
Guy Lombardo
Poor butterfly
Jonathan and Darlene
Autumn in New York
Jonathan and Darlene