Doris Day in the Movies 1

February 18, 2020#1957


Put ‘em in a box — Doris Day

It’s magic — Doris Day

It’s you or no one — Sarah Vaughan

I’m in love — Clark/Day

The tourist trade — ST: Romance on the High Seas

Run, run, run — ST: Romance on the High Seas

Cuttin’ capers — Doris Day

Freddy, get ready — ST: My Dream Is Yours

Love finds a way — ST: My Dream Is Yours

Someone like you — Four Lads

It’s a great feeling — Page/Bailey

Give me a song with a beautiful melody — Stan Kenton

At the Café Rendezvous — Doris Day

Blame my absent-minded heart — Kay Starr

The very thought of you — Doris Day

I may be wrong — ST: Young Man with a Horn

Too marvelous for words — Doris Day

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