Hamburg Jazz 1

April 21, 2020#1966

During a visit to Hamburg, Germany, I was the guest of Gerhard Klussmeier, manager of that city’s foremost jazz radio station. He introduced me to the very active jazz scene in this city. I was so impressed that I brought home a set of CDs containing music that, over the years, was produced and/or performed in Hamburg. I’ve chosen to single out some of the many American tunes played by these talented musicians.


A kiss goodnight — Evelyn Kunneke

Skyliner — Joe Wick

C-jam blues — Fred Kinglee

Infection — Kurt Edelhagen

Mitternacht am Kongo — Benny de Weille

Night and Day/Begin the beguine — Freddie Brocksieper

St. Pauli blues — Franz Thon

Tip top boogie — Gunter Fuhlisch

Skandinavian express — Hazy Osterwald

Woodchopper’s ball — Horst Wende

Bourbon Street parade — Magnolia Jazz Band

It don’t mean a thing — Magnolia Jazz Band

I’ve found a new baby — Magnolia Jazz Band

Weary blues — Magnolia Jazz Band

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