Swinging Hamburg

June 23, 2020#1975

Jazz is very much alive in Germany, as excerpts from an 18-CD boxed set demonstrate. The music in this Membran compendium is accompanied by comments from Gerhardt Klussmeier, who is associated with the Hamburg jazz station that I visited in 2007.

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New sobbin’ blues – Abbi Hubner

Bourbon Street parade — Abbi Hubner

Out of nowhere — Abbi Hubner

Jazzwave — Abbi Hubner

Deep purple — Hot Hamburgers

I got rhythm — Hot Hamburgers

On a slow boat to China — Alsterwasser Swing Compagnie

Just a little while to stay here — Alster Village Jazzmen

The glory of love — Alster Village Jazzmen

Dinah — Apex Jazzband

B-o-o-g-i-e w-o-o-g-i-e Apex Jazzband

Flying home — Avalon Casino Kings

All of me — Avalon Casino Kings

(Date indicates when program is first available to stations. Actual broadcast typically follows within ten days.)