Oddities 1

July 28, 2020#1980

Unusual recordings either because a band strays from the type of music that is usually associated with it or because it’s deliberately comical. Charlie Barnet makes fun of so-called sweet bands. The Duke has fun with Prokofieff’s “Peter and the Wolf.” Glenn Miller makes you wait three minutes before the introduction to a waltz finally ends.


Bugle call rag — Mills Brothers

That’s not cricket — Tommy Dorsey

The wrong idea — Charlie Barnet

Am I dreaming? (Edythe Wright) — Tommy Dorsey

Am I dreaming? (Bud Freeman) — Tommy Dorsey

My dear — Jan Garber

Bourbon Street parade — Jan Garber

E-bob-o-lee-bop — Spike Jones

In the mood cha cha — Billy May

Stardust bossa nova — Ella Fitzgerald

Moon over Miami — Dean Hudson

Moon over Miami (other band impressions) — Dean Hudson

Pretty and the wolf — Duke Ellington

Restringing the pearls — Jerry Gray

I’m looking for a guy who plays alto and baritone, doubles on clarinet and wears a size 37 suit — Ozzie Nelson

Introduction to a waltz — Glenn Miller

Fry me, cookie with a can of lard — Will Bradley

Celery stalks at midnight — Les Brown

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