I Love a Parade

August 18, 2020#1983

It’s amazing how many songs had “parade” or “march” in the title. They included Dixieland melodies as well as tunes suitable for military processions.


I love a parade — Maxine Sullivan

Blues on parade — Woody Herman

Colonel Bogey march — Wilbur deParis

Easter parade — Harry James

Harlem parade — Gene Krupa

March of the Boyds — Boyd Raeburn

March to Polaris — Stan Kenton

MacNamara’s band — Bing Crosby

New Ashmolean marching society and students conservatory band – Johnny Mercer

Parade — OC: Camelot

Parade of the wooden soldiers — Larry Clinton

Sousa swings — Al Raymond

Strike up the band — Basie/Bennett

The big parade — Jane Olivor

The march of the Commanders — Commanders

Turbans on parade — Tommy Dorsey

Washington Post march — Kings of Dixieland

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