What's the Connection?

September 08, 2020#1986

Listeners are challenged to solve this quiz. There are eight pairs of recordings. For example, The woodpecker song is paired with A million dreams ago. The question? What do the songs in each pairing have in common with each other?


The woodpecker song — Will Bradley

A million dreams ago — Les Brown

Pompton Turnpike — Charlie Barnet

Huckleberry duck — Raymond Scott

The bad humor man — Kay Kyser

The sky fell down — Benny Goodman

Falling leaves — Glenn Miller

The breeze and I — Jimmy Dorsey

Fools rush in — Tommy Dorsey

Music makers — Harry James

Slow freight — Glenn Miller

Imagination — Ella Fitzgerald

Frenesi — Artie Shaw

Dolores — Bing Crosby

Amen — Woody Herman

Ko-Ko — Duke Ellington

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