Oddities 2

October 13, 2020#1991

This is an idea suggested by Bert Topper, a listener in Florida. He notes that there are many recordings that differ in that there’s sometihing odd about them. Maybe they’re comical, maybe the just have peculiar titles.


Building a band — Horace Heidt

Stone cold dead in the market — Jordan/Fitzgerald

Arthur Murray taught me dancing in a hurry — Jimmy Dorsey

I’m my own grandpa — Guy Lombardo

Picnic in Purgatory — Alvino Rey

Angelina — Louis Prima

Cement mixer — Liberace

A string of pearls — Ernie Fields

Annie’s Cousin Fanny — Dorsey Brothers

Artie Shaw medley — Houston Symphony

Too fat polka — Arthur Godfrey

Pancho Maximilian Hernandez — Ray McKinley

May the bird of paradise fly up your nose — Guy Lombardo

Poor butterfly — Jonathan and Darlene

Autumn in New York — Jonathan and Darlene

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