Sinatra in the Movies 1

December 08, 2020#1999

Sinatra’s Hollywood career began with appearances simply as a band vocalist and soon advanced to roles in romantic films.


I’ll never smile again — Tommy Dorsey

The last call for love — Tommy Dorsey

Poor you — Tommy Dorsey

Night and day — Frank Sinatra

I couldn’t sleep a wink last night — Frank Sinatra

The music stopped — Frank Sinatra

I saw you first — Frank Sinatra/Marcie McGuire

A lovely way to spend an evening — Frank Sinatra

You’re on your own — Ensemble

Where does love begin? — Frank Sinatra/Anne Jeffries

Come out, come out, wherever you are — Frank Sinatra/Gloria DeHaven

As long as there’s music — Frank Sinatra

Some other time — Frank Sinatra/Gloria DeHaven

What makes the sunset? — Frank Sinatra

The charm of you — Frank Sinatra

I fall in love too easily — Frank Sinatra

If you were but a dream — Frank Sinatra

The house I live in — Frank Sinatra

Swingin’ down the Lane — Piano roll

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