All the Things You Are

May 25, 2021 #2022

The episode's title says it all.


All the things you are
Artie Shaw
You are the one
Glenn Miller
You are beautiful
Ed Kenney/Juanita Hall
You are too beautiful
Frank Sinatra
You are my own
Lee Morse
You are my lucky star
Dorsey Brothers
You are my sunshine
Jack Lawrence
You are the sunshine of my life
Mel Tormé
You are my dream
Gray Gordon
You are love
You are my love
Joni James
You are my first love
Dorsey Brothers
You are not my first love
Mabel Mercer
You are everything to me
Johnny Mathis
You are my way of life
Four Aces
Tommy Dorsey
Swingin’ down the lane
Roy Smeck