Top Hits of 1922, Part 2

January 18, 2022 #2056

Several songs that were popular 100 years ago can still be heard today.


Rose of the Rio Grande
Jan Savitt
Moonlight serenade/Runnin’ wild
Glenn Miller
Somebody stole my gal
Fats Waller
Some sunny day
Brox Sisters
Billy May
Tain’t nobody’s business if I do
Bessie Smith
That da-da strain
Muggsy Spanier
Toot, toot, tootsie, goodbye
Al Jolson
Louis Armstrong
Bunny Berigan
Way down yonder in New Orleans
Louis Prima
Who cares?
Fred Astaire and Benny Goodman
My wonderful one
Jan Garber
The world is waiting for the sunrise
Benny Goodman
The world is waiting for the sunrise
Les Paul
Oo-oo Ernest, are you earnest with me?
Dorothy Provine
You know you belong to somebody else, so why don’t you leave me alone?
Tommy Dorsey/Mills Brothers