Billboard, April 15, 1939

March 1, 2022 #2062

Billboard, a weekly publication, contains a listing of college students. favorite big bands and vocalists and also reports on the songs that were most popular during the week of April 15, 1939.


Blue moon
Al Donahue
Night and day
Maxine Sullivan
That sly old gentleman
Bing Crosby
Little skipper
Tommy Dorsey
I’ve got a little list
Larry Clinton
T’ain’t what you do
Chick Webb
The donkey serenade
Artie Shaw
What is this thing called love?
Artie Shaw
The umbrella man
Kay Kyser
Hawaiian war chant
Tommy Dorsey
Sent for you yesterday
Benny Goodman
Deep purple
Jimmy Dorsey
Penny serenade
Sammy Kaye
Little Sir Echo
Barney Rapp
Cuckoo in the clock
Glenn Miller
In the mood
Al Donahue