Original Cast 5

August 2, 2022 #2084

Great songs that became an essential part of the popular music landscape during the last century.


OC: Kiss Me Kate
The saga of Jenny
OC: Lady in the Dark
Lovely ladies
OC: Les Miserables
Jubilation T. Cornpone
OC: Li’l Abner
Real live girl
OC: Little Me
Send in the clowns
OC: A Little Night Music
Bosom buddies
OC: Mame!
The impossible dream
OC: Man of La Mancha
We deserve each other
OC: Me and Juliet
I love you
OC: Mexican Hayride
Joey, Joey
OC: The Most Happy Fella
It gets lonely in the White House
OC: Mr. President
Too close for comfort
OC: Mr. Wonderful
Seventy-six trombones
OC: The Music Man