Moonstruck 1

November 14, 2023 #2151

An alphabetical listing of "moon songs" only got to the letter G, guaranteeing that there's more to come on a future broadcast.


Absent-minded moon
Artie Shaw
Afternoon moon
Cab Calloway
Ah, the moon is here
Paul Whiteman
All by yourself in the moonlight
Johnny Marvin
Allegheny moon
Patti Page
Beautiful moons ago
Nat King Cole
Beyond the moon
Benny Goodman
By the light of the silvery moon
Al Jolson
Dark moon
Spike Jones
Don’t let that moon get away
Dick Jurgens
Dust on the moon
Xavier Cugat
Fishin’ for the moon
Benny Goodman
Fly me to the moon
Tony Bennett
Full moon
Benny Goodman
Garden of the moon
Red Norvo
Get out and get under the moon
Nat King Cole
Goodnight moon
Ben Selvin