All the Things You Are

May 25, 2021#2022

The episode’s title says it all.


All the things you are — Artie Shaw

You are the one — Glenn Miller

You are beautiful — Ed Kenney/Juanita Hall

You are too beautiful — Frank Sinatra

You are my own — Lee Morse

You are my lucky star — Dorsey Brothers

You are my sunshine — Jack Lawrence

You are the sunshine of my life — Mel Tormé

You are my dream — Gray Gordon

You are love — Keel/Grayson

You are my love — Joni James

You are my first love — Dorsey Brothers

You are not my first love — Mabel Mercer

You are everything to me — Johnny Mathis

You are my way of life — Four Aces

You — Tommy Dorsey

Swingin’ down the lane — Roy Smeck

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