Vocal Groups

June 18, 2024 #2182

Vocal groups were an important part of the Big Band scene, both as members of a band and as stand-alone performers.


Day by day
Four Freshmen
Cover me up with the sunshine of Virginia
Brox Sisters
Georgie Porgie
Paul Whiteman
Alexander’s ragtime band
Boswell Sisters
Mister Five by Five
Andrews Sisters
St. Louis blues
Guy Lombardo
Make-believe ballroom
Charlie Barnet
Peekaboo to you
Glenn Miller
The hut-sut song
Sammy Kaye
Ac-cent-tchu-ate the positive
Alvino Rey
Nobody’s sweetheart
My heart sings
Tommy Tucker
Blueberry Hill
Ink Spots
Paper doll
Mills Brothers
My! My!
Tommy Dorsey
Once in a while
Dinning Sisters
McGuire Sisters