People, Real and Imagined

June 25, 2024 #2183

Songs about real life folks as well as fictional characters.


About Rip Van Winkle
Don Redman
Chico Marx
Ali Baba
Xavier Cugat
Alice blue gown
Wayne King
Alice in Wonderland
Johnny Mathis
Arthur Murray taught me dancing in a hurry
Jimmy Dorsey
At the President’s ball
Glenn Miller
Bojangles of Harlem
Fred Astaire
Bonaparte’s retreat
Kay Starr
Captain Kidd
Ella Mae Morse
Chiquita Banana
Gene Krupa
Christopher Columbus
Ink Spots
Cinderella, stay in my arms
Glenn Miller
Confucius say
Hal Kemp
Dangerous Dan McGrew
Guy Lombardo
Dear Mr. Gable
Judy Garland