I Love a Parade 3

July 2, 2024 #2184

Marches interpreted by big bands.


Sugar Bowl parade
Pete Fountain
Barney Google march
South Gonzales Street parade
Ralph Burns
Rosebud march
Scott Joplin
Pullman porter’s parade
Al Jolson
Toy parade
Bert Kaempfert
China doll parade
Russ Morgan
Crickets on parade
Bobby Christian
The marching saints
Harry Belafonte
Glow worm march
Billy Vaughn
March of the toys
Tommy Dorsey
Billboard march
Kings of Dixieland
Begin the beguine march
Richard Maltby
Cha cha on parade
Sonny Rossi
When Johnny comes marching home
Glenn Miller
Washington Post march
Henry Mancini
Stars and stripes forever
Ralph Flanagan