Down Beat, 10/1/1944

July 7, 2020 #1977

A ragtag issue of Down Beat magazine provides the basis for this episode. It was acquired on eBay from someone who had carefully cut out certain articles of interest to him or her, but there was enough copy left to form the basis for an inside look at the music scene that helped to keep morale high during World War II. Items include a story about Tommy Dorsey being indicted for punching a Hollywood actor, speculation as to the type of band Glenn Miller would lead after the war was over and a poignant report of a jazz concert to benefit Jimmie Noone's wife and children after the death of this pioneering jazz clarinetist.


At a roadside diner
Charlie Barnet
The guy with the slide trombone
Tommy Dorsey
Apple honey
Woody Herman
Oranges and lemons
Glenn Miller
Miss you
Guy Lombardo
Into each life some rain must fall
Charlie Barnet
After you’ve gone
Benny Goodman
Black and blue Danube
Spike Jones
I’ll buy that dream
Sweet Sue
Jimmie Noone
Hippy dippy
Andy Kirk
Larry Clinton
I guess I’ll have to dream the rest
Will Bradley
Dedicated to you